Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Vice Presidential Debate Summary

KAINE: Trump has stated that he would support nuclear weapons for South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. How can you possibly defend that?

PENCE: He's not a career politician.

KAINE: Trump has stated that Mexicans are rapists and criminals. How can you possibly defend that?

PENCE (pause): Well...he's not a career politician.

KAINE: Trump has called for entire nations and religions to be banned from the United States, despite the fact that this is unconstitutional. How is any defense for this whatsoever?

PENCE: (Attempts to look serious): He's...not a politician, by career.

KAINE: Trump has supported the dictator Vladimir Putin, has actually said that this totalitarian, repressive autocrat is a better leader than Obama. How can you possibly defend that?

PENCE: Not a career politician is he.

KAINE: Trump has trafficked in wild conspiracy theories, including five years of maintaining the “Birther” fantasy that the President of the United States was born in Kenya. How can you possibly support this?

PENCE: In career terms, not politician he is.

KAINE: Trump has business conflicts across the globe, has been billions of dollars in debt to those entities. Would he be looking out for the national interest or his own?

PENCE: Politician. Not. Career. Is he.

KAINE: Trump did not even know that Russia had invaded Ukraine. He was unaware that Russia was in Crimea--two years after it occurred. How could he be trusted to even know the basics of foreign policy?

PENCE: No politician, not he, has he been. Careerly.

KAINE: Trump has actually said that he knows more than the generals about ISIS. And that he has a “secret plan” to defeat ISIS. Then, he said his secret plan was to ask the generals what to do. How can he possibly be trusted to handle such dangerous issues?


MODERATOR: That concludes our debate.