Friday, October 07, 2016

Trump's Daisy Ad: First Thoughts

You wouldn't hire this person to be your doctor, your lawyer.

To watch your children.

To clean your pool when your children are at home.

He has immediately lost half the electorate.

Then on top of that, all men who defend women from being seen and treated in this abusive manner.

It is repulsive.

It is fundamentally degrading of half of our population.

If Paul Ryan stands beside him this weekend, he may as well write off any hope for 2020.

As well as for his personal character, which will be permanently tarnished.

Wives, mothers, children will all see him standing beside this man.

As has been reported, such actions as described meet the legal definition of sexual assault.

Donald has his Troll Army out in desperate full force.

There's no countering this career-ending debacle.

There's no countering his own words.

As reported by CNN, members of Trump's own staff and former supporters find the actions "appalling,"

Saying: "I don't know how any woman can vote for Trump after this."