Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Swift Boats are Warming Their Engines In The Harbor...

Mary Matalin is using her talents as a flexible adept this morning to strenuously argue that its good for Hillary if she loses in Iowa.

The numbers from the Register must be in.

"She gets knocked down, she gets back up!" says Matalin.

They must be terrified of Obama, as those figures arise out of the mist into clarity as well.

Charisma, change--and any attack on those issuing from Obama--just reinforces Republican negatives. It's a line that will be impossible to navigate with the usual tactics.

The Bill Richardson Drinking Game

The Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson Drinking Game


I have invented a new drinking game.

It is called the Bill Richardson Drinking Game.

Use it fast, before you lose the chance (or until it becomes the Vice-Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson drinking game, although this seems increasingly unlikely).


-A watch with a second hand


-Bill Richardson (televised, YouTubed, etc.)

Any format in which Bill Richardson is speaking provides the opportunity to play the game--interview, debate, casually observed street conversation (observe all traffic laws).



If he mentions an item from his resume within 10 seconds, take 3 shots.

If he mentions an item from his resume within 30 second, take 2 shots

If he mentions an item from his resume within 1 minute, take 1 shot


-If he uses the phrase "I'm the only one who..." take 1 shot. ("I'm the one who" also qualifies)

-If uses the phrase "I was U.S. Ambassador" (or otherwise mentions this position in reference to himself) take 1 shot.

-If he uses the phrases "I know the area", "I know the region", "I know the players" or "I was there", take 1 shot.

-If he uses the phrase "proven record", take 1 shot.

-If he uses the phrase "I have actually done it", take 1 shot.


-If he uses the phrase "as a special envoy", take 1 shot.

-If he uses the phrase "as a diplomat", take 1 shot.

-If he uses the phrase "executive experience", take 1 shot.

-If he uses the phrase "foreign policy experience", take 1 shot.

-If he uses the phrase "as a Congressman", take 1 shot.

-If he uses the phrase "as a Governor", take 1 shot.

-If he uses the phrase "as a CEO", take 1 shot.

-If he uses the phrase "rescuing hostages" take 1 shot.

COMBINATION POINTS: Any phrase from the Approaching the Green can be combined with a phrase from Game Proper in any order and variation:

Examples: "As a special envoy, I have actually done it"= 2 shots; or "As a diplomat, I'm the only one who has foreign policy experience" = 3 shots).

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after playing the Bill Richardson drinking game. Always drink wisely.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wishful Projection, Part 1

From CNN International, May 11:

Tip of the hat to TVNewser at

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Meteoric Rise

You've heard it by now.

There must be some other astrophysical, intergalactic, interplanetary superlative for Obama's candidacy than "meteoric."

"Streaking like a comet across the sky..."?

"Like a vast supernova, casting its blazing light across the nation..."?


A prize--a book from the shelf I am looking at right now--will go to the best suggestion.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hugh Hewitt's Brilliant Comedic Mind

Possibly the most amusing line of the year, from Hugh Hewitt's vaunted radio program, interviewing Michael Ware:

Time Baghdad correspondant Michael Ware: Let’s look at it this way. I mean, you’re sitting back in a comfortable radio studio, far from the realities of this war.

Hugh Hewitt: Actually, Michael, let me interrupt you.

MW: If anyone has a right…

HH: Michael, one second.

MW: If anyone has a right to complain, that’s what…

HH: I’m sitting in the Empire State Building. Michael, I’m sitting in the Empire State Building, which has been in the past, and could be again, a target. Because in downtown Manhattan, it’s not comfortable, although it’s a lot safer than where you are, people always are three miles away from where the jihadis last spoke in America. So that’s…civilians have a stake in this. Although you are on the front line, this was the front line four and a half years ago...

Anyone for T-Shirts reading "Veterans of the Empire State Building"? The possibilities here are endless...

(Tip of the hat to The Poor Man I saw this posted.)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

This is McCain on Drugs

McCain was on MTP this morning. He seemed to be trying to hard to appear to calm--perhaps to somehow evade upcoming charges related to "anger?"- but also seemed so lifeless and numbed that, as compared to the McCain of 2000, he almost seemed medicated.

Now: I am not a supporter of his policy positions, but I have also never bought into the "McCain rages" and related imprecations about mental instability that have been bandied about in the past--this seemed to me to be typical Swift-Boat- style nonsense.

I'm sure that he wears the scars of his imprisonment, and that he likely can be demanding and sometimes intemperate, but its easy to distort those qualities--common in politicians--into more vivid and politically useful ones. He seems aware of the effects of his past, and, moreover, they previously have appeared to be reflected in his resilience and clear-sightedness, a sense of what is important, and his genuine sense of humor.

That's why this markedly underwhelming appearance is really shocking. He seems tired, slightly slower on the uptake. Is it intent or age?

Also, incidentally: if Russert said "Dr. Dobson" one more time, my head was going to explode.