Sunday, October 23, 2016

Eric Trump's Remarks on "This Week"

Let's note that this followed a stream of obviously suspect and equally obviously studied reasons for fixing an election:

-People have died (as they have every election cycle, on both sides of the ledger)

-The occurrence of "voter impersonation"--found in a landmark study to have an incidence of 13 occurrences in 1 billion votes;

-The citation, unbelievably, of violence--the promotion of which has been Trump's metier from his escalator ride to the present.

Trump, Stone and Bannon are preparing for Election Day and Election site chaos--not enough to change the results, but enough to lead a compliant media to cover the conflict rather than the facts

Don't be fooled.

-Get out and vote so that no amount of Election Day and post-electoral mudstirring can effect the result;

-Cover the facts--not the easy false of equivalence of planned conflict and chaos;

--this is more important than a day's short term ratings.

Trump is calling into question the basic structure and function of the Republic.

His son's prepared defenses are an indication of this.

Be clear-eyed, strong, persistent, and ready.

And vote.