Sunday, October 02, 2016

Trump Speech in Pennsylvania, Oct 1, 2016

TRUMP: Thank you. You're welcome.

"I'm be here in Pennsylvania today...where the people are free...not...not in beauty paegants. They are not. (Sniffs). You can look anywhere from New York to Texas...Taxes...Taxes! Who? Who sent them? The postmark was from New York! (He is shouting).

KELLYANNE CONWAY emerges from right, smiles waves to crowd, injects TRUMP in right arm. Trump becomes more slack, somewhat more relaxed.

T:  The problem with that she does not have the balance...the fix our nation's problems...(words begin to slur, seems disoriented. Takes phone from pocket. Opens Twitter. Begins to type out tweet, speaking it aloud):  

T (typing and reading aloud): Alicia Machado is our nation's biggest problem. (Smiles like child, pleased at what he wrote). We should build a wall separating...Venez...(asks audience "How do you spell Venezuela?," shakes head) Venez & U.S. to keep Alicia out.  She is...(thinking) not nice to me. (Sends. Looks up. Surprised to see audience. Remembers he is there).

T: That should hit her hard, right? (Snaps head back, imitating person being hit, then flails hands, in mocking reaction). Big hit. Big one. I do, Melania. Don't say that. (Sees C waving anxiously, shaking her head from wings). What? What? Oh, right.

Crime. We have to stop crimes, keep our...streets safe from...people who steal...steal...steal taxes. My taxes! Who took those pages? I said, no one is supposed to know until after. Now they know...they know...

T sits down on stage in crossed legs position, looks downcast, frowns.

Alert AV crew turns music on audio system, playing "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

T leaps to podium.

T: "Who did that? Who did that to my microphone? Bad microphone! It's a bad microphone! They changed the calibration! Who? Who?"

LIGHTS are turned off & ANNOUCER states "The event is over."