Wednesday, October 12, 2016


When someone has been unshackled, impulsive, unscrupulous, duplicitous, and utterly self absorbed and then threatens to “take the shackles off”–-believe him.

When he has a documented history of deception and evasion since the Justice Department actions regarding racial bias of the 70’s; his use of deceptive and altered contracts with workers, construction companies, laborers, and Atlantic City; and throughout his career–as thoroughly documented by the Blair, Kranish/Fisher, O’Donnell, and O’Brien biographies–it is important to ensure that this pattern does not continue.

It's time to ensure that Trump does not attempt to engage in vote-hacking.

We already have the Justice Department announcing that Russia is attempting to hack into voting systems in 20 states--33 have asked for help--and that they are working on behalf of Trump.

And we have Trump--even in the last debate--treating Russia–who has demonstrably hacked into the DNC and DCCC, as verified by the Justice Department–as his best, warm, cozy friend.

This type of deception has been his m├ętier since the '70s. The essence of the psychopath is disregard for rules and norms–and we have seen this constantly from Trump in his disregard for the Constitution, Federal and State law.

He projects more frequently than most psychopathic types–and will justify such acts on the basis of Nixon-like pretexts that he “had to”, to prevent his fantasized notions that “they” will steal the election from him (for example, in PA)–despite being objectively and empirically far behind.

He has used such justifications throughout this campaign. When he says the election is “rigged”–as he undoubtedly will–he is engaging in the projections that we have seen throughout the campaign. It indicates that he is readying to engage in exactly such actions on his part.

The WaPo article here is instructive: