Saturday, October 08, 2016

Trump's Non-Apology

The very essence of a non-apology, Trump style.

-Many people say that this isn't me.

-Pay attention to someone else--instead of me.

-It doesn't really matter.

-The very words that I spoke--reflecting actions that he has taken again and again--are not really him.

-My mind is not on what I have done wrong, on how I regard our nation’s wives, mothers, and daughters–but, as always, on vengeance.

The truth, obviously, is that he sees nothing wrong with his actions–and he protests the nation’s reaction to them throughout this supposed, disingenuous, hollow, ultimately enraged fraudulent mea culpa.

He is sorry--that he was caught.

These are the qualities that he would have if ever elected President; error, anger, excuses, and forced insincerity in the face of catastrophe.

He is characterologically unable to reflect; to actually see any of his actions as wrong; and to do anything but deflect, minimize, and disclaim responsibility.

The worst qualities for a nation.

Arrogant, impulsive, out of control, thin-skinned and defensive even when faced the most serious of issues.

Utterly, thoroughly, unquestionably unqualified, emotionally and cognitively, to be President.