Thursday, October 20, 2016

Continuation of Donald Trump’s notes

We have recently captured the remainder of Donald Trump's podium notes, from last night's debate, excised from the photo above. They are written below:

Be Big. Big league. Big big big!

When think of saying “Wrong!” in middle of H sentence, picture her in planned prison (Rudy)

Remember that N. Korea good like Vlad, S. Korea good like Carrier and Oreo

Don’t get Vlad angry, next balloon payment due in week.

Turkey in Europe not Mideast, Japan in ASIA.

Have Dan call Diebold, use name “Mr. Blue”

Remember, stay cool cool cool like bad hombre like Eastwood cool is tough not weak cool is tough not weak. Narrow eyes like Clint. Say “Hombre” like him, appeal to recent movie fans.

Say that all the ugly grope ladies lied.

Never never never say that won’t agree to vote. Clear blue water. Doral hotel. They are wrong but do to show power. Power! Don’t say, no matter what, that won’t agree to vote. Promised Ivanka. Okay, maybe, but only if she is nasty.

She is so nasty to me.

She shouldn’t even be in debate.

Just me! (Don’t let anyone see this).

Rig all the precincts because she is nasty. She would do it anyway if she could but I am smart!

Call Roger about undercutting Fox on set top box contracts.

You are big league (underlined twice) she is nasty!

No groping on exit.