Monday, May 17, 2010

Lipman's Tipsheet, 5-17-10

wh4-President Obama will congratulate the NCAA champions, University of Connecticut woman's basketball team today. The ceremony has been moved to the East Room due to rain.

-Rising: Elena Kagan's seminal piece of scholarship, "Presidential Administration", from the June 2001 Harvard Law Review, which endorses an expansive view of Presidential authority--but over the activity of administrative and regulatory agencies, a la Clinton, not over declarations of war, a la Woo, Bush, et al. Expect this to be misunderstood.

-Jeff Sessions will be desperately trying to frame Kagan as keeping recruiters off of the Harvard Campus during her Deanship. Leahy points out, recruitment continued throughout her Deanship.

-BP gets a half pipe into the spill

-Quietly, GM becomes profitable.

-Bangkok is burning.