Sunday, October 09, 2016

Trump Tower, October 9, 2016, 9:12 am

October 9, 2016
9:12 am

TRUMP is sitting at his desk. Empty McDonalds containers are scattered on the desk & around the room. Kellyanne CONWAY, Steve BANNON, and an AIDE are present.

A: Should I put the Sunday shows on, sir?

T: (Surly): Go ahead. No...leave them off. Go ahead, keep the volume on low.

C: You probably don't need the...distractions, Donald. I'd like to run over the Mideast Policy Briefing again...

T: I've got it. Oil, Saudis, Secret plan, Generals, bomb the hell out of them. I'm fine.

C looks at B helplessly.

B: Look, Don. They're going to come full force on the Access tape, the K-File, god knows what else. You didn't exactly help yourself with the late night tweets...

T: It did help! It helped! Look at Drudge! Look at Breitbart!

B: My people wrote that stuff, Don...

T: It helps! That's the strategy. That's the plan. Attack them 10 times more, 100 times more!

C: Of course, Don. I' you to look at this draft apology...

T: You want me to apologize again, fine. I know how to do it. (Adopts serious mien): 'I'm terribly sorry, truly sorry if I have offended our nation's women...girls..." It's not hard, Kelly.

C: You have to appear genuine, Don.

T: I can appear any way that I want to, Kelly. Besides, they're behind me! Listen to the people in the street down there!

AIDE enters.

A: The demonstrators want their 50 dollars or they're leaving.

C: Let's just go over the Russia briefing...

T: I know it! I know the Russians better than anyone, the Mideast better than anyone, the press better than anyone! Those hypocrites. The press. Any of them would want to, would beg to be with me. It's happened. Tell her, Steve.

BANNON looks at CONWAY, is silent.

T: I will go into the hall. I will be cool & calm, & I will attack her, I will be powerful & sexy & calm and attack her, attack & attack & it's fine. Fine!

A BIG MAC container falls to floor. All is silent.