Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Way to Prevent Electoral Fraud: 1

There's nothing that Trump enjoys more than to show that he has pulled one over on what he regards as the "rubes."

His preferred, prized position is to walk away, the smoke and ruins behind him, money in his pocket, whistling to himself as he feels the visceral satisfaction of:

You fell for it.

The thrill that he got away with it.

And that the others are left enraged behind.

He did this with Atlantic City--came in, drew the area dry with empty promises and the associated debt--and left an empty husk, with unpaid workers, laborers, employees--and a debt too big to pay.

He is the king of the self-serving empty promise.

He wants to do the same to America.

On Election Day, or shortly before and after, there will be an uprising of arranged thugs, designed to sow chaos and confusion--an attempt to turn actual results into falsified disorder.

This--his vengeance on his "enemies", and his blindness to the well-being of the Democratic Republic--has been seen again and again.

It will occur.

Media. Officials. Citizens: Stand strong.

Don't be drawn to the conflict and noise--that is the hope of Trump, Stone--who is notorious for exactly such events--and Bannon.

The short term is the immediate draw to ratings. The long term is the structure of our Democratic Republic.

Don't be fooled.

Be strong:

1) Get out and vote, so no matter what aged theatrics trotted out by Trump--the vote cannot be over come

2) Cover the events for what they are--an attempt to fundamentally subvert the foundations of the Electoral Process, the same narcissistic efforts that we have seen throughout this campaign.

3) Understand: This matters. It is not entertainment. It is not important whether it is "good for CBS", in the words of Moonves. It is what is best for our country.

There are times when it matters most what is good for the nation.

When our votes and our voice--individual and collective through media--serve to preserve our nation.

That time is now.