Sunday, October 09, 2016

Trump Tower, October 9, 2016, 4:50 pm

October 9, 2016
4:50 pm

DONALD TRUMP sits at his desk. Half-eaten bacon cheeseburgers, wrappers, Diet Coke cans surround him. He is holding his phone, leaning forward, both elbows on the desk.

He is sullen.

He is tweeting.

TRUMP (speaking aloud as he tweets): Everyone who has betrayed me will...lose and...burn in an enormous fire...of disgusting losers...and shame!

(Presses SEND button firmly).

(Scowls. Looks forward).

T (shouts): Diet Coke!

AIDE enters, carrying Diet Coke.

A: Kellyanne said to inform you, sir, that three more Senators have withdrawn...

T (Shouting): Out!

AIDE exits.

T: Where was I? Prep. OK, Prep. (Picks up folder. Opens, reads aloud): " Reforms in the context of U.S. relations with GCC states, especially Saudi Arabia usher in a new era of economic diversification...government transparency...(becoming bored)... a lengthy interview..."

(Throws down folder. Picks up phone.)

(Begins again to tweet):

T: (typing, reading aloud): Bill Clinton is the...Rosie O'Donnell...(smiles) of Presidents. He is fat. She is fat. THEY are fat!

(Presses send).

(Sits still. Scowls).

T (shouting): Kelly! Kellyanne!

KELLYANNE CONWAY enters. She appears exhausted, vainly trying to hide her irritation.

C: Yes, Don.

T: What do you think I should tweet next about Bill? About how Lewinsky was fat?

C (attempting to control her annoyance): I don't think you should tweet anything, Don. I think we should stick with the plan. Radio silence until the debate, then...

T: And then BANG! She comes apart, bing bing bing. I know. But we should build, build up, build up the fear, get ready to attack. Right?

C (putting a false lightness in her tone): I don't know, Don. You're the boss. You're the candidate. You decide.

CONWAY exits.

T: (Tweeting): "Clinton is bad. Like Alicia Machado times 10! She and Bill were never nice to me, even at the wedding. Horrible!


T: That oughta do it.