Sunday, October 23, 2016

Eric Trump's Remarks on "This Week"

Let's note that this followed a stream of obviously suspect and equally obviously studied reasons for fixing an election:

-People have died (as they have every election cycle, on both sides of the ledger)

-The occurrence of "voter impersonation"--found in a landmark study to have an incidence of 13 occurrences in 1 billion votes;

-The citation, unbelievably, of violence--the promotion of which has been Trump's metier from his escalator ride to the present.

Trump, Stone and Bannon are preparing for Election Day and Election site chaos--not enough to change the results, but enough to lead a compliant media to cover the conflict rather than the facts

Don't be fooled.

-Get out and vote so that no amount of Election Day and post-electoral mudstirring can effect the result;

-Cover the facts--not the easy false of equivalence of planned conflict and chaos;

--this is more important than a day's short term ratings.

Trump is calling into question the basic structure and function of the Republic.

His son's prepared defenses are an indication of this.

Be clear-eyed, strong, persistent, and ready.

And vote.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trump's Gettysburg Address

Four score and seven women have accused me of groping them in a certain location. Babies.

It is hardly conceivable that I would proposition them, as none of them are even close to a four, or equal.

Now we are engaged in a campaign, which I will challenge, unless I win, whether or not this nation, or any nation, long endures. Especially Mexico. Fat, horrible, disgusting nation, that one.  I'm going to sue Mexico for fatness, believe me.

I met Hillary--Crooked Hillary!--on three battlefields of that campaign, and all the polls were wrong. Wrong! Except Rasmussen, gotta love them. We met and I loomed behind her, I stood menacingly behind her, I dominated behind her, in order that my eggshell-thin narcissistic fragility might endure. It was totally fine, totally, that I might do this.

But in a larger sense–and I mean big, big league, gigantic–we cannot loom, we cannot menace threateningly, we cannot dominate this stage. Without good hair. And sniffing, lots of sniffing. And interrupting– a lot. And gradually losing one’s entire sense of equilibrium, until one is shouting, screaming and insulting their opponent in an inevitable eruption of narcissistic rage.

The world will forever note, will forever remember what I say here. If they forget, I’ll remind them constantly, until I receive the constant drip of praise & admiration that I need like life’s blood itself. It is for me to receive this praise, & for you to give it–the great task that I give to you, to give to me your last full breath of devotion–to me.

So that I will not have left my six-foot self-portrait at Doral in vain, so that I will awaken to a new birth of grandiosity, and that my ego–by my ego, for my ego–will be honored as our nation’s last President, before I become bored and engage in some vain impulsive act to cause all of us to perish from the Earth.

The Way to Prevent Electoral Fraud: 1

There's nothing that Trump enjoys more than to show that he has pulled one over on what he regards as the "rubes."

His preferred, prized position is to walk away, the smoke and ruins behind him, money in his pocket, whistling to himself as he feels the visceral satisfaction of:

You fell for it.

The thrill that he got away with it.

And that the others are left enraged behind.

He did this with Atlantic City--came in, drew the area dry with empty promises and the associated debt--and left an empty husk, with unpaid workers, laborers, employees--and a debt too big to pay.

He is the king of the self-serving empty promise.

He wants to do the same to America.

On Election Day, or shortly before and after, there will be an uprising of arranged thugs, designed to sow chaos and confusion--an attempt to turn actual results into falsified disorder.

This--his vengeance on his "enemies", and his blindness to the well-being of the Democratic Republic--has been seen again and again.

It will occur.

Media. Officials. Citizens: Stand strong.

Don't be drawn to the conflict and noise--that is the hope of Trump, Stone--who is notorious for exactly such events--and Bannon.

The short term is the immediate draw to ratings. The long term is the structure of our Democratic Republic.

Don't be fooled.

Be strong:

1) Get out and vote, so no matter what aged theatrics trotted out by Trump--the vote cannot be over come

2) Cover the events for what they are--an attempt to fundamentally subvert the foundations of the Electoral Process, the same narcissistic efforts that we have seen throughout this campaign.

3) Understand: This matters. It is not entertainment. It is not important whether it is "good for CBS", in the words of Moonves. It is what is best for our country.

There are times when it matters most what is good for the nation.

When our votes and our voice--individual and collective through media--serve to preserve our nation.

That time is now.

Friday, October 21, 2016


TRUMP & his generals are arrayed around the Map Table in the concrete bunker in Trump Tower. Present are CONWAY, BANNON, & AIDE.

T: Any word from Kingston's troops in North Carolina?

B: Moving south, towards Tennessee.

T: (Standing, seething): I told them to turn North! North! They have to break through to the suburban White Women on the Virginia line!

A: We told them, sir. The fighting is too deep. The brigade is breaking down...

T (his shouts echoing off of the Chinese concrete walls): Cowards! Cowards! All of them! Where is Lord? Has he made it from DC?

C: He's trying to cross Fifth Avenue. The block is brigaded...

JEFFREY LORD appears. His uniform is singed, but still bears the Trump epaulets on each shoulder.

LORD: You know, I remember when I was in a situation like this with Reagan, in 1982...

T: Quiet!

TRUMP walks to LORD until he is only millimeters from his face. Enraged, he tears each epaulet from LORD'S shoulders.

T: How? How could you let this happen? Arizona! Pennsylvania! Nevada! How? Betrayers! Every general! Every one! Lewandowski! Taking the money of the enemy! Manafort! Oh, the expert, he learned from the best, the GOP (Marches in an enraged mockery of Republican formality)! Couldn't even keep his tracks covered when Vladimir did it for him!

Every one has gone behind me! Ryan, McConnell! 'Oh, we support you.' Liars! Deceivers! Betrayers!

NELL-HUGHES, MCENANY, BLACKBURN sit at table outside the Map Room, silently listening to the rage, smoking nervously.

T: (Slumping to the floor, weeping):  All is lost. All of the best are gone. Cohn. Barron. Mr. Green. It's over. It's done.

A: (Shocked, disbelieving): Sir?

T: It's done! Finished!

MCENANY (bursting in, hysterically):  You can't do it, sir!  Think of the cause!

T: There is no cause.

T (staring ahead, in monotone) There never was one.

There was only pure, straight, unadulterated attention.

And, for this–it’s done

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Alternate Universe 2: Trump’s Paranoia


LOCATION: Zeta Zygrfzyk
Quadrant Hospital, Psychiatric Ward

Patient is wheeled in on stretcher. His hair is wildly arrayed, with pieces obviously glued to his scalp in patches. His skin has been colored in some bizarre shade of orange, in a delusional attempt to mimic a tan

Stretcher is rolled to admitting triage nurse.

NURSE: Name?

TRUMP: Name? Name? Oh, you want to play games with me. You nasty, nasty woman. You know my name.

N: (has heard this all before on intake): Why don’t you tell me your name, so everyone can hear you.

T: Trump! Trump! Donald J. Trump! I own some of the greatest properties, finest, only iconic, in all the world! I grope only the finest, most desirable women! Big!

N: Yes, Mr…Trumb. What brings you here today?

T: What? What? These idiots! I am running for President of the United States! I told them! I’m trying to get the Mexicans out, the rapists & criminals, the bad ones, the Indianans, & the President, who started ISIS you know, but I was interrupted by the beauty queen who was too fat, & I told the Generals, ‘I know better’, but they didn’t listen, so I said we’d get the nuclear weapons for Japan…& Korea…I told him, I told Vladimir…

N: O...kay, Mr. Trunk. Just slow down. We're going to bring in someone run some tests.


P: What seems to be the problem, Mr. Truss?

T: Trump! Where is my gastroenterologist?

P: He is...not the right person to help you right now. Tell me what's happening.

T: They're rigging it. Fixing it. I can tell. I can just...feel these things. Like my's how I feel from day to day. The press, they should thank me, thank me for all I've done, but they're after me, with questions, questions. Why? They didn't do that with John Barron!

P: Nurse, LAI Risperidone, stat.

T: I still am not going to withdraw from being President! I'll keep you all in suspense!

P: That's fine, Mr. Trank, just lie back, & we'll all relax...

Continuation of Donald Trump’s notes

We have recently captured the remainder of Donald Trump's podium notes, from last night's debate, excised from the photo above. They are written below:

Be Big. Big league. Big big big!

When think of saying “Wrong!” in middle of H sentence, picture her in planned prison (Rudy)

Remember that N. Korea good like Vlad, S. Korea good like Carrier and Oreo

Don’t get Vlad angry, next balloon payment due in week.

Turkey in Europe not Mideast, Japan in ASIA.

Have Dan call Diebold, use name “Mr. Blue”

Remember, stay cool cool cool like bad hombre like Eastwood cool is tough not weak cool is tough not weak. Narrow eyes like Clint. Say “Hombre” like him, appeal to recent movie fans.

Say that all the ugly grope ladies lied.

Never never never say that won’t agree to vote. Clear blue water. Doral hotel. They are wrong but do to show power. Power! Don’t say, no matter what, that won’t agree to vote. Promised Ivanka. Okay, maybe, but only if she is nasty.

She is so nasty to me.

She shouldn’t even be in debate.

Just me! (Don’t let anyone see this).

Rig all the precincts because she is nasty. She would do it anyway if she could but I am smart!

Call Roger about undercutting Fox on set top box contracts.

You are big league (underlined twice) she is nasty!

No groping on exit.

Trump's Dream

Trump's Dream
4:20 am

He is standing at the marble podium of a massive, columned, marble edifice.

A crowd of millions stretches before him, so grand he can not see the end, yet formed into a faceless edifice of its own--no individuals,  just a dark formless mass.

The wind slightly blows his hair, which has the rich fullness of youth.

"There is only one in the debate now!" he says. "She's in jail! Where she always belonged!"

There is a deafening cheer, barely distinguishable from a scream, & he is in a jail cell, directly in the center of the Roll Call grounds of New York Military Academy.

The bugle calls morning drills. The Headmaster shouts "All home!"

The cadets gather. "I can't get out!" he screams. "I can't!" His face reddens as he bangs the door of his cage.

Roy Cohn appears at the door. "Pick the lock," he whispers, with a snide, conspiratorial, who-gives-a-damn-for-the-rules glee.

Trump looks around his neck. Hanging from a gold lanyard is one of the nails that he & his father would swipe from competing sites in morning Brooklyn walks.

"Put it in" says Cohn, who has become Marla, who has become a pastiche of many of his forced, coerced & unforced conquests. The door opens with a loud squeak; a seemingly endless spray of rust falls to the floor.

"Don't worry" says Cohn. "It happens to all of us."

He wanders into the Courtyard. He is standing before Trump Tower. A group of Polish workers, laborers, carpenters are blocking the gate.

"What are you doing here? You're undocumented!"

The Foreman marches forward. "Everyone's time comes to pay up, Donald."

An army is revealed behind the Foreman. Casino workers, displaced landowners, unpaid bankers, their families & children, hundreds, thousands, then millions of lies, each pushing him towards the water, towards his  grandfather's landing point in Queens.

"What do I do now?" asks Trump

"Leave them in suspense" says Cohn with a wry, leering smile, & points to the dark water below.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


When someone has been unshackled, impulsive, unscrupulous, duplicitous, and utterly self absorbed and then threatens to “take the shackles off”–-believe him.

When he has a documented history of deception and evasion since the Justice Department actions regarding racial bias of the 70’s; his use of deceptive and altered contracts with workers, construction companies, laborers, and Atlantic City; and throughout his career–as thoroughly documented by the Blair, Kranish/Fisher, O’Donnell, and O’Brien biographies–it is important to ensure that this pattern does not continue.

It's time to ensure that Trump does not attempt to engage in vote-hacking.

We already have the Justice Department announcing that Russia is attempting to hack into voting systems in 20 states--33 have asked for help--and that they are working on behalf of Trump.

And we have Trump--even in the last debate--treating Russia–who has demonstrably hacked into the DNC and DCCC, as verified by the Justice Department–as his best, warm, cozy friend.

This type of deception has been his m├ętier since the '70s. The essence of the psychopath is disregard for rules and norms–and we have seen this constantly from Trump in his disregard for the Constitution, Federal and State law.

He projects more frequently than most psychopathic types–and will justify such acts on the basis of Nixon-like pretexts that he “had to”, to prevent his fantasized notions that “they” will steal the election from him (for example, in PA)–despite being objectively and empirically far behind.

He has used such justifications throughout this campaign. When he says the election is “rigged”–as he undoubtedly will–he is engaging in the projections that we have seen throughout the campaign. It indicates that he is readying to engage in exactly such actions on his part.

The WaPo article here is instructive:

GOP Island

CAMERA quickly zooms into a tiny island, water dangerously covering its shores, threatening to engulf it completely.

VOICEOVER: Coming from Mark Burnett:


VOICEOVER: Watch as 10 remaining dead-ender Republicans, the very last holding out for Donald Trump, struggle to survive on justification, rationalization, and cognitive dissonance alone.

On an island that is becoming increasingly smaller day-by-day, the waters creeping up more and more closely to the shore like a stimulant-filled Republican Presidential debater looming behind a Democrat, these increasingly isolated diehards are drawn closer and closer together before the ocean completely covers their tiny atoll.


DUNCAN: He seemed so sure. He kept saying "Believe me", and, after all, he had his own University, why shouldn't I believe him? I am.

VOICEOVER: Watch as the last remaining survivors engage in strategy and manipulations to attempt to survive, only to realize the dire, dark consequences of their machinations:


JEFF: I wanted to be the first in. He told me, "Jeff, it will be a great deal, a magnificent deal. I'll make you Attorney General. Little did I know, he had told that to Rudy and Chris too!

VOICEOVER: Watch as they engage in exciting challenges:

-To prove that Trump knows more than the generals about ISIS;
-To justify that it's not political, international, and human insanity to use nuclear weapons in Europe;
-To show that Russia is actually not in Ukraine, not in Crimea;
-To reveal the secret, never-before-revealed Articles 11-20 of the Constitution.


MARSHA: Help me. Help me, please. I'm an intelligent woman! How could I have associated myself with this unscrupulous, impulsive, erratic, utterly self-absorbed misogynist? I want to get off!


Sunday, October 09, 2016

Debate 2 Summary: First Take

Looming, pacing, sniffing, stalking.

Threatening to jail her; calling her "the devil;" threatening to call the Attorney General; saying that she has "hate in her heart;"

Praising Putin, bizarrely siding with Putin on Syria, continually referring to "the African-Americans."

Filled with grandiose, incoherent rants, completely off-topic, devolving into shouting, at times actually screaming.

Continuing to refer to sexual assault as "locker room talk."

He was asked three times by Cooper: Have you actually done this behavior?

Each time, he refused to answer the question, evading, stating that “people say this,” until finally, pressed for an answer, claiming a denial.

The fact that it took him being asked three times by Cooper whether he had actually engaged in the behavior, refusing to answer the question each time, until, pressed for a direct answer, finally claimed that he had not it is a sure indicator that he has.

Look for the victims. They are out there.


CNN/ORC Results: Who won the debate?

Clinton: 57%

Trump: 34%

YouGov Debate Results:

Clinton 47%,

Trump 42%

Trump Tower, October 9, 2016, 4:50 pm

October 9, 2016
4:50 pm

DONALD TRUMP sits at his desk. Half-eaten bacon cheeseburgers, wrappers, Diet Coke cans surround him. He is holding his phone, leaning forward, both elbows on the desk.

He is sullen.

He is tweeting.

TRUMP (speaking aloud as he tweets): Everyone who has betrayed me will...lose and...burn in an enormous fire...of disgusting losers...and shame!

(Presses SEND button firmly).

(Scowls. Looks forward).

T (shouts): Diet Coke!

AIDE enters, carrying Diet Coke.

A: Kellyanne said to inform you, sir, that three more Senators have withdrawn...

T (Shouting): Out!

AIDE exits.

T: Where was I? Prep. OK, Prep. (Picks up folder. Opens, reads aloud): " Reforms in the context of U.S. relations with GCC states, especially Saudi Arabia usher in a new era of economic diversification...government transparency...(becoming bored)... a lengthy interview..."

(Throws down folder. Picks up phone.)

(Begins again to tweet):

T: (typing, reading aloud): Bill Clinton is the...Rosie O'Donnell...(smiles) of Presidents. He is fat. She is fat. THEY are fat!

(Presses send).

(Sits still. Scowls).

T (shouting): Kelly! Kellyanne!

KELLYANNE CONWAY enters. She appears exhausted, vainly trying to hide her irritation.

C: Yes, Don.

T: What do you think I should tweet next about Bill? About how Lewinsky was fat?

C (attempting to control her annoyance): I don't think you should tweet anything, Don. I think we should stick with the plan. Radio silence until the debate, then...

T: And then BANG! She comes apart, bing bing bing. I know. But we should build, build up, build up the fear, get ready to attack. Right?

C (putting a false lightness in her tone): I don't know, Don. You're the boss. You're the candidate. You decide.

CONWAY exits.

T: (Tweeting): "Clinton is bad. Like Alicia Machado times 10! She and Bill were never nice to me, even at the wedding. Horrible!


T: That oughta do it.


RMS Titanic

The Titanic is drifting within increasingly frozen waters; hull plates are buckling starboard, & nearly half of its watertight compartments have been opened to the sea.  Passengers are concerned that the ship is sinking, as are the crew.

Nevertheless, first-time captain, and former host of the radio show "Your Rich Uncle" DONALD TRUMP is entirely sure that he "is the best captain ever" and that he is guiding the ship to "the most magnificent trip ever seen."

TRUMP,  First mate KELLYANNE CONWAY, and financier of the ship, STEVE BANNON are on deck. An icy rain is falling.

CHIEF PILOT approaches TRUMP, holding map.

PILOT: Sir, if we continue on this course, we will make direct contact with the Arianne Iceberg at 01800 hours.

TRUMP: (Looking at map). No chance! We're headed for balmy shores! Bermuda, warm, tropic shores, believe me! Straight ahead!

P: You're holding the map upside down, sir.

T: That's...just to get a different perspective, an outsider, a businessman!

P: But your course is heading us straight for the iceberg, Sir.

T: I know how to pilot better than anyone! Better than the Naxy, the Army, the Air Force! Get him out of here! (Sailors forceably remove pilot).

CONWAY: I think he may be right, sir. Remember when we hit the iceberg Curiel? And you said that was because of the Mexicans?

T: (Looking at "Gentleman's" magazine centerfold): No...No...Everything looks fine to me, eh, Steve?

B looks at C helplessly.

B: It was fine when you opened up the "Sailing University" and promised that you could teach people to "sail to the Moon." I stood by you when you fired half the crew because you thought they "looked like Persians" And I even supported you when you said that the Queen had demoted you because she was "bleeding from her whereever." But this is too much!

TRUMP: Looking good! (gives a thumbs up as we hear the ship crash into the berg).

BILLY BUSH (Amidst wreckage): Great job, sir!

Trump Tower, October 9, 2016, 9:12 am

October 9, 2016
9:12 am

TRUMP is sitting at his desk. Empty McDonalds containers are scattered on the desk & around the room. Kellyanne CONWAY, Steve BANNON, and an AIDE are present.

A: Should I put the Sunday shows on, sir?

T: (Surly): Go ahead. No...leave them off. Go ahead, keep the volume on low.

C: You probably don't need the...distractions, Donald. I'd like to run over the Mideast Policy Briefing again...

T: I've got it. Oil, Saudis, Secret plan, Generals, bomb the hell out of them. I'm fine.

C looks at B helplessly.

B: Look, Don. They're going to come full force on the Access tape, the K-File, god knows what else. You didn't exactly help yourself with the late night tweets...

T: It did help! It helped! Look at Drudge! Look at Breitbart!

B: My people wrote that stuff, Don...

T: It helps! That's the strategy. That's the plan. Attack them 10 times more, 100 times more!

C: Of course, Don. I' you to look at this draft apology...

T: You want me to apologize again, fine. I know how to do it. (Adopts serious mien): 'I'm terribly sorry, truly sorry if I have offended our nation's women...girls..." It's not hard, Kelly.

C: You have to appear genuine, Don.

T: I can appear any way that I want to, Kelly. Besides, they're behind me! Listen to the people in the street down there!

AIDE enters.

A: The demonstrators want their 50 dollars or they're leaving.

C: Let's just go over the Russia briefing...

T: I know it! I know the Russians better than anyone, the Mideast better than anyone, the press better than anyone! Those hypocrites. The press. Any of them would want to, would beg to be with me. It's happened. Tell her, Steve.

BANNON looks at CONWAY, is silent.

T: I will go into the hall. I will be cool & calm, & I will attack her, I will be powerful & sexy & calm and attack her, attack & attack & it's fine. Fine!

A BIG MAC container falls to floor. All is silent.

2016 Daisy Ad

"Daisy Ad," 2016


GIRL (picking flower petals): One, two...

Clip of Trump calling Mexicans "Rapists and criminals;"

G: Three, four...

CLIP of T making fun of a reporter's disability

G: Five, six...

CLIP of T mocking Gold Star parents;

G: Seven, eight...

CLIP of T: encouraging crowd to punch protesters in the face;

G: Nine, ten...

CLIP of Trump stating of Vietnam Veteran John McCain: " I like veterans who weren't captured"


M: Ten, nine...

QUICK CUT CLIPS of T stating that "I know more than the Generals on ISIS;" :I have a secret plan to defeat ISIS;" and "I will ask the Generals to come up with a plan in 30 days;"

M: Eight, seven:

QUICK CUT CLIPS of TRUMP UNIVERSITY sign; Judge Curiel; David Duke; Trump Anti-Semitic Ad;

M: Six, Five...

CLIP of T stating: "I refuse to rule out using nuclear weapons on ISIS;"

M: Four, three...

QUICK CUT CLIPS of T praising Vladimir Putin, praising Mussolini, praising Kim Jong-un;

M: Two, one...

QUICK CUT CLIPS of T stating: "If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her;" "She had blood coming out of her wherever;" "Women? You've got to treat them like s - - t;" "You can do whatever you want, just grab 'em by the pu - - y."

Cut in of nuclear explosion, mushroom cloud.

VOICEOVER: These are the stakes: to make a world in which all of us, men and women, those of all races, ethnicities, and creeds can live, or to go into the utterly self-interested, enraged, vengeful, knowledge-free, impulsive, narcissistic, totalitarian darkness.

Think and vote on November 8th.

The stakes are too high for you to stay home.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Trump's Non-Apology

The very essence of a non-apology, Trump style.

-Many people say that this isn't me.

-Pay attention to someone else--instead of me.

-It doesn't really matter.

-The very words that I spoke--reflecting actions that he has taken again and again--are not really him.

-My mind is not on what I have done wrong, on how I regard our nation’s wives, mothers, and daughters–but, as always, on vengeance.

The truth, obviously, is that he sees nothing wrong with his actions–and he protests the nation’s reaction to them throughout this supposed, disingenuous, hollow, ultimately enraged fraudulent mea culpa.

He is sorry--that he was caught.

These are the qualities that he would have if ever elected President; error, anger, excuses, and forced insincerity in the face of catastrophe.

He is characterologically unable to reflect; to actually see any of his actions as wrong; and to do anything but deflect, minimize, and disclaim responsibility.

The worst qualities for a nation.

Arrogant, impulsive, out of control, thin-skinned and defensive even when faced the most serious of issues.

Utterly, thoroughly, unquestionably unqualified, emotionally and cognitively, to be President. 

Friday, October 07, 2016


PRESS: Mr. Cosby, Mr. Cosby....

TRUMP: Alright...alright...calm down...calm down. Calm down or I'll grab you by the...

KELLYANNE CONWAY enters from right wing. Whispers in Trump's ear. Exits.

T: I'm ready to take questions.

P: Your remarks meet the legal definition of Sexual Assault. This is a crime in all fifty states. How can a candidate for President speak proudly of such behavior?

T: Many people have said that this shows my knowledge of the law. This was actually a campaign commercial designed to cleverly show my knowledge of sexual assault.

P: But it was made in 2005!

T: Next question

P: Your own staff has described your behavior as "appalling," that your campaign is "done." Your remarks degrade half of the population--wives, daughters, mothers, children--as well as all those who defend & love them. How can you possibly justify such remarks?

T: Frankly, Kate, I think that the idea that I should respect women, that I should treat them as equals, that I should not talk about sexually assaulting them, is just an example of the political correctness that exists today.

P: You are actually saying that, as President, it is acceptable to degrade women, to describe sexually assaulting them?

T: Hold on...I have a bad mic here. Audio! Audio!

P: Mr. Trump, in the same video, you describe your pursuit of infidelity. What kind of a role model is this for American youth?

T: I'm teaching them the value of initiative, of breaking the rules--even if those rules are amoral, narcissistic, selfish, dishonest & disloyal.

P: It's more than that, Mr. Trump. When you describe grabbing a woman by the genitals without her consent, that is the very definition of sexual assault.

T: Assault is an over used term. I prefer to think of it as giving them the "gift of Trump." And if I should win, that's what everyone will get--whether they want it or not.

Trump's Daisy Ad: First Thoughts

You wouldn't hire this person to be your doctor, your lawyer.

To watch your children.

To clean your pool when your children are at home.

He has immediately lost half the electorate.

Then on top of that, all men who defend women from being seen and treated in this abusive manner.

It is repulsive.

It is fundamentally degrading of half of our population.

If Paul Ryan stands beside him this weekend, he may as well write off any hope for 2020.

As well as for his personal character, which will be permanently tarnished.

Wives, mothers, children will all see him standing beside this man.

As has been reported, such actions as described meet the legal definition of sexual assault.

Donald has his Troll Army out in desperate full force.

There's no countering this career-ending debacle.

There's no countering his own words.

As reported by CNN, members of Trump's own staff and former supporters find the actions "appalling,"

Saying: "I don't know how any woman can vote for Trump after this."

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Vice Presidential Debate Summary

KAINE: Trump has stated that he would support nuclear weapons for South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. How can you possibly defend that?

PENCE: He's not a career politician.

KAINE: Trump has stated that Mexicans are rapists and criminals. How can you possibly defend that?

PENCE (pause): Well...he's not a career politician.

KAINE: Trump has called for entire nations and religions to be banned from the United States, despite the fact that this is unconstitutional. How is any defense for this whatsoever?

PENCE: (Attempts to look serious): He's...not a politician, by career.

KAINE: Trump has supported the dictator Vladimir Putin, has actually said that this totalitarian, repressive autocrat is a better leader than Obama. How can you possibly defend that?

PENCE: Not a career politician is he.

KAINE: Trump has trafficked in wild conspiracy theories, including five years of maintaining the “Birther” fantasy that the President of the United States was born in Kenya. How can you possibly support this?

PENCE: In career terms, not politician he is.

KAINE: Trump has business conflicts across the globe, has been billions of dollars in debt to those entities. Would he be looking out for the national interest or his own?

PENCE: Politician. Not. Career. Is he.

KAINE: Trump did not even know that Russia had invaded Ukraine. He was unaware that Russia was in Crimea--two years after it occurred. How could he be trusted to even know the basics of foreign policy?

PENCE: No politician, not he, has he been. Careerly.

KAINE: Trump has actually said that he knows more than the generals about ISIS. And that he has a “secret plan” to defeat ISIS. Then, he said his secret plan was to ask the generals what to do. How can he possibly be trusted to handle such dangerous issues?


MODERATOR: That concludes our debate.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Trump, PTSD, Veterans, and "Strength"

At a Q and A with a group of Veterans in Herndon, VA today, Trump opined that those who develop PTSD are not "strong" and "can't handle it."

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of PTSD from Trump--among the group that he purports to care about most.

The diagnosis of PTSD has nothing to do with whether a person is "weak" or "strong," or whether they can "handle it."

It is a neurological illness that can beset people of great strength.

Even our strongest.

What this fundamentally demonstrates is that:

-Even when significantly reined in by his handlers;

-Following disaster after disaster;

-Once again, Trump simply does not know the basic facts about which he speaks.

Be it the Constitution, the Separation of Powers, the Nuclear Triad, or a very serious disorder--he simply does not know.

Yet, inevitably, without knowing, he speaks--and, as we know from the long biographical wreckage behind him, he then acts on this distorted and inaccurate information.

Even here, among his supposedly most prized target group, his essential biases shone through:

A world of the strong and the weak. Those who can handle and those who cannot.

And his essential view of those who suffer as weak--leaving a nation and a world of strong, valiant suffering completely beyond his awareness, knowledge, or comprehension.

With regard to PTSD and strength, nothing could be further from the truth.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

A Letter From A Young Girl


Miss Grace Bedell

Dear Mr. Trump,

I am a little girl only 11 years old. I hope you won't think me very bold to write to such a man as you are.

I am writing to ask you: Why do you have to be such a narcissistic, monomaniacal, uncontrolled, uninformed, remarkably thin-skinned, impulsive, inaccurate, deceitful, entirely self-absorbed person?

I am only a young girl, but I have never seen some one running for such a high office engage in such lunatic, absurd, ill-advised, irrational, ludicrous, unwise, ill-considered, incautious, injudicious, senseless, untrue, dishonest, evasive, inflated, destructive and frankly delusional behavior before.

Father says that he has seen it before at the Fair.

Do you think that you could grow a normal personality, so that words that are bizarre, deranged, irrational, irresponsible, paranoid, fictions, misrepresentations, aspersions, calumny, derailed, frenzied, maniacal or of unsound mind, would not issue from your face?

I understand that the ladies like sane people and it would sound so much better because your words would be less psychotic.

Then the ladies would not tease their husbands for voting for someone who is so psychopathic, unhinged, false, distorted, misleading, unscrupulous, self-serving, raving, utterly out of control, and sleeplessly, frantically, easily obsessed with nonsensical rage.

I have got a little baby sister she is nine weeks old and is just as cunning as can be.

When you direct your letter direct to Grace Bedell, Westfield, Chautauqua County, New York.

I must not write any more. Please answer this letter right off. Good bye!


Miss Grace Bedell

Trump Speech in Pennsylvania, Oct 1, 2016

TRUMP: Thank you. You're welcome.

"I'm be here in Pennsylvania today...where the people are free...not...not in beauty paegants. They are not. (Sniffs). You can look anywhere from New York to Texas...Taxes...Taxes! Who? Who sent them? The postmark was from New York! (He is shouting).

KELLYANNE CONWAY emerges from right, smiles waves to crowd, injects TRUMP in right arm. Trump becomes more slack, somewhat more relaxed.

T:  The problem with that she does not have the balance...the fix our nation's problems...(words begin to slur, seems disoriented. Takes phone from pocket. Opens Twitter. Begins to type out tweet, speaking it aloud):  

T (typing and reading aloud): Alicia Machado is our nation's biggest problem. (Smiles like child, pleased at what he wrote). We should build a wall separating...Venez...(asks audience "How do you spell Venezuela?," shakes head) Venez & U.S. to keep Alicia out.  She is...(thinking) not nice to me. (Sends. Looks up. Surprised to see audience. Remembers he is there).

T: That should hit her hard, right? (Snaps head back, imitating person being hit, then flails hands, in mocking reaction). Big hit. Big one. I do, Melania. Don't say that. (Sees C waving anxiously, shaking her head from wings). What? What? Oh, right.

Crime. We have to stop crimes, keep our...streets safe from...people who steal...steal...steal taxes. My taxes! Who took those pages? I said, no one is supposed to know until after. Now they know...they know...

T sits down on stage in crossed legs position, looks downcast, frowns.

Alert AV crew turns music on audio system, playing "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

T leaps to podium.

T: "Who did that? Who did that to my microphone? Bad microphone! It's a bad microphone! They changed the calibration! Who? Who?"

LIGHTS are turned off & ANNOUCER states "The event is over."

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Trump and Machado

This is a man running for President, who:

With all of the issues of the nation and the world before him,

Spends his evening obsessively, furiously trolling a 1997 beauty pageant contestant who he feels has insulted him.

I cannot think of a more disqualifying reason for this utterly childish, severely narcissistic, entirely unserious person to ever be President.