Sunday, October 09, 2016

Debate 2 Summary: First Take

Looming, pacing, sniffing, stalking.

Threatening to jail her; calling her "the devil;" threatening to call the Attorney General; saying that she has "hate in her heart;"

Praising Putin, bizarrely siding with Putin on Syria, continually referring to "the African-Americans."

Filled with grandiose, incoherent rants, completely off-topic, devolving into shouting, at times actually screaming.

Continuing to refer to sexual assault as "locker room talk."

He was asked three times by Cooper: Have you actually done this behavior?

Each time, he refused to answer the question, evading, stating that “people say this,” until finally, pressed for an answer, claiming a denial.

The fact that it took him being asked three times by Cooper whether he had actually engaged in the behavior, refusing to answer the question each time, until, pressed for a direct answer, finally claimed that he had not it is a sure indicator that he has.

Look for the victims. They are out there.


CNN/ORC Results: Who won the debate?

Clinton: 57%

Trump: 34%

YouGov Debate Results:

Clinton 47%,

Trump 42%