Monday, August 01, 2016

Why Trump Should Never Be President

Trump is a condominium developer and failed casino owner whose ventures have been largely supported financially by his father, Fred.  
His career--and his 70 years on Earth--have been largely defined by:  
-Attention seeking;  
-Tantrum throwing;  
He has absolutely no experience in foreign or domestic policy, in governance or even grade school civics, and no knowledge of the basic tasks of governance, diplomacy, legislation or the separation of powers.  
-Is narcissistic to the point of grandiose delusions;  
-Responds to the slightest criticism with uncontrolled rage;  
-Regards the press as a personal publicist with no understanding of their role in a democracy,  
-Is fundamentally defined by a millisecond-to-millisecond, all-consuming, compulsive hunger for conflict and for praise.  
He should stay home in his Tower that, without his father's line of credit, he would have been totally unable to build.  
He should never.  
Be President of the United States.