Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trump and White Nationalism

The connections that Trump, Bannon et al. have with White Nationalism are as follows:

Trump has virtually no grasp, knowledge or understanding of foreign policy.

He is extremely impulsive, prone to reckless acts to   prove a) his power; & b) that he was right all along against a host of imagined enemies.

This ever-defensive grandiosity–a childhood wish that he is “the greatest in the world”--is his purpose for running. It requires a constant source of enemies & conflict to “prove” his “rightness.”

White Nationalism is built exactly on such human impulses, weakness, & failings, & the craving for an impulsive momentary satisfaction through hate.

Thought is complicated, & takes actual time & persistence. Impulse is immediate, consists purely of feeling, & for a moment feels strong–until challenged by thought, fact, & reality.

Nationalism, Totalitarianism, & Fascism have been built precisely upon this impulse.

Those seeking grandiose confirmation have attached themselves to this impulse as prospective “leaders”–their “leadership” consisting primarily of the capability to whip up the release of this impulse of hatred in those most vulnerable to it: Those most suspicious of intellect & thought, the voters that, in a telling slip, Trump noted that he “most loves.”

Racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny all are used to whip up the impulse to abandon thought to gleeful hatred.

Trump knows this, & with the remorselessness of sociopathy & nihilism, has used it–for self-stimulation, for effect, for amusement, & to attempt to grasp at a greater form of personal grandiosity. We know how this ends.

That is the reason for his run. The only reason. The U.S. does not exist for his next grasp at vainglorious praise.

Republican, Democratic--these are meaningless here. This is a condition, not a candidate, Stimulated by conflict, lacking remorse, irresistibly baited--these, as we have seen, will only become worse.

As a human being on this Earth: Do not vote for this man.