Sunday, August 28, 2016


August 28, 2016

JOHN DICKERSON, HOST: Mr. Trump said that 11 million people must be removed from the country immediately upon his taking office. Yet, more recently, he has claimed that there will no longer be what he previously called a “Deportation Force.” How will he remove 11 million people?


D: (pauses): Magic?

K: Yes, magic. As you know, Mr. Trump has been what many people say is a successful operator of important casinos. Today, Mr. Trump will be introducing a Secretary of Illusion, making use of a highly qualified performer who previously worked at those casinos. I’d like to present him now–Mr. David Copperfield!

Copperfield enters. He is wearing a cape, strikes a dramatic pose and waves his hands frantically.

D: A Secretary…of Illusion.

K: Yes. Presumptive Secretary Copperfield has made lions, tigers, women (TRUMP, offset, puts finger to lips) even entire crowds just…disappear!

C waves cape dramatically.

D: Ms. Conway, Isn't the very meaning of “illusion” a false image or impression of reality?

K: For Mr. Trump,  illusion is reality. Denying homes to African Americans is opportunity; posting anti Semitic images and calling Mexicans rapists & criminals is tolerance.  Welcoming the approval of white nationalists, David Duke and making one your campaign CEO is embracing human diversity. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

D: So, you’re saying that whatever words are said, the reality doesn't matter, even if it is the direct opposite of what was said before. As long as people believe it.

K: Opposite, reality, those are just Democrat words. What matters is what Mr. Trump says today...umm… (looks at watch). Now. Right now.

D (pauses): We'll be right back.