Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Trump's Purple Heart

Trump acted as only he could when presented with a Purple Heart:

1) His first actual stated response was "Is it real?"--thinking:

-Immediately of whether he could use it against the Khan controversy, and fearful that he would then become embroiled in another controversy;

-Instinctively of its value, rather than its meaning;

-Showing, as always, his reflexive distrust of the people--those who he claims to serve, but is actually simply using, in 30-year fashion, as a prop towards his own narcissistic satisfaction;

2) His second actual stated response was: "I always wanted one of those."

-Thinking immediately of himself. Of having another object. Not of what this sacrifice signified to this veteran--of wounds in battle, which are only experienced at the New York Military Academy when one accidently jabs oneself with a pencil.

-Thinking immediately of what he wanted--as if this was a royal gift, bestowed by a subject, to add to his gilded collection--again, utterly devoid of human meaning, sacrifice, devotion, commitment. Just his own having.

3) His last stated response was: "I didn't think that it would be so easy."

As always, the Donald, celebrating his own cleverness. The actual veterans were wounded in battle, but he, clever Donald, had a "floating bone spur." His gloating over such moments is characterological, axiomatic and automatic.

A disgrace.

No Veteran should vote for this man.

He is using you--as he did with the "donations" to evade a troublesome debate that he then never contributed.

He believes that he is better than you.

He holds you in contempt for not being clever enough to avoid your service.

Hold your self-respect for yourself and your brothers.

Never vote for this weak, evading, obviously manipulative, narcissistic man.

Be proud.

Don't be used.