Monday, August 15, 2016

Trump's "Security" Speech 1

Trump has proposed an "Ideological" test for allowing Muslims into the country.

A bizarre, impossible, totalitarian standard and approach.  

Watching the speech now. 

He appears medicated. Likely a mild benzodiazapine.  

Probably seen, and ultimately persuaded, as the only way to calm him down.

In the host of symptoms that cloud Trump's behavior, not enough attention has been given to his anxiety, and depression--both which accompany Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

NPD is a disorder of vulnerability; of an incomplete self. Hence, the shield of bravado developed to mask the fear of discovery. Trump is an extreme example of this.

Trump is beset each moment by the fear that complete dominance, bravado, power, and control will not be portrayed. That anxiety is more visible today--beset as he has been by the self-induced 
destruction that his campaign has undergone. 

Still wishing to respond to the anxiety with aggression, with assertion, it appears that a light anti-anxiety med--probably Xanax, .5; has been used to prevent the characteristic cycling up into rage that is the fundamental Trump. The indications are quite evident. 

That this is necessary, simply to give a speech that is not a fit of uncontrolled umbrage and grandisoity is, of course, only one of the many reasons why what is needed is a "long vacation." 

And never, never, to hold public office.