Sunday, August 28, 2016

Trump: Narcissism, Nihilism, Cynicism and the Campaign of Rage

Trump has played a game--a cynical, nihilistic game, qualities which perhaps more than any word that he has uttered during this campaign indicate the type of administration that we would see were Trump to be elected--in which he has:

a) baited reliable low education voters to respond to racist provocation;
b) baited the media, hungry for conflict, to cover such reaction in blanket fashion;
c) maintained the pretense that obvious instigation & inducement are not reality, while winking to his base to sustain their gleeful hatred.

Outrage has propelled prominence, and this noise has utterly masked a complete lack of knowledge of:

-Foreign and Domestic policy;
-A grade school level of civics and the basic tasks of governance;
-The separation of powers.

Now, he is attempting--through mercenaries such as Conway and battered, desperately grasping last-chancers such as Christie, to attempt to draw back a full season of racist, misogynist, and anti-Semitic taunts, insults, and threats, and a sickening willingness to draw White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, Grand Wizards, and the most delusional of paranoid conspiracy theorists into his Grand Opportunistic Coalition of rage.

As he casts about--softening, hardening, soft again--to escape the impulsive cage of repugnance, revulsion, accusation, smear, odium, calumny, and gleeful unleashed malevolent frenzy, that he has built, remember:

This is what he, in over a year, has offered, in action after action, statement after statement, as a campaign.

This is what he has displayed as a veil and indirection--to cover and distract from a lack of elemental knowledge.

This is a campaign for the purpose not of policy, which changes by the day, and not of national unity, as we have seen him remorselessly divide a nation--but one of pure narcissistic fulfillment.

He wants it--for himself.

The Presidency is designed to serve the nation.

It is not a shallow, empty narcissistic trophy.

Do not elect this man.