Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The "Softening"

The "Softening"

Trump Tower
August 24, 2016

Participants: Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump

CONWAY: Steve has prepared the storyboards & mockups for the "softening." Can we bring them in please?

Aide enters with multiple storyboards & signs, placing the first on an easel.

It depicts a crude stereotype of a Mexican male, wearing sombrero, & holding a handball raquet, standing & smiling before a giant wall. Beneath reads the caption: "HANDBALL IS FUN!"

CONWAY: There are many purposes to a wall, & we certainly don't want to hurt people. This points out the advantages to Mexico--at their own expense, of course, Mr. Trump--to their exercise, their leisure, their health.

TRUMP: I thought we weren't mentioning "health" this week, after the Bornstein letter.

CONWAY: Yes, but this is for their health, it's part of the "softening," Mr. Trump. Next card.

Depicts a similarly crude caricature of an African American man, clad in rags, wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap, looking up to a smiling, benevolent, Rockwellesque Trump, who is handing him the lease to a 1-room apartment.  Beneath is the caption "NOTHIN' TO LOSE!"

BANNON: This should appeal to the core demographic, according to Breitbart polling.

TRUMP: Yes, but erase any of the language on the lease. I don't want any "trouble" (Trump makes air quotes) like we had with Trump Village.

CONWAY: The third, Mr. Trump, we're most proud of.

Aide rests card on easel. It depicts a long road across the U.S.  Smiling guards in uniform stand closely by, as families, children, grandparents walk the path --all towards Mexico.  Above, in vibrant gold letters, the caption: "THE ASSISTED BIRTHRIGHT JOURNEY."

CONWAY: The idea here is that it is their right...their duty...their...obligation to return. We are simply...helping them on this mandatory...that is, essential return to their homeland.

TRUMP: Too much softening, Kelly. Rapists. Criminals! What if they refuse?

CONWAY: (pause) TBD.