Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump, Conway, and "The New Truth"

MSNBC Studios
New York

Brzezinski: We're asking why he lied about Lester Holt, calling him a Democrat. He's a Registered Republican.

Conway: He didn't lie.

B: Umm...I think he did.

C: Mika, a lie would mean that he knew the man's party registration.

B: But, Kellyanne--if Trump didn't know, why would he say that Holt was a Democrat?

C: That's the genius of Mr. Trump. He has a mind that actually transcends knowledge, where it's the words themselves, the way he says them, the effect that they have on the people--that's what's important.

B: So, your saying that, as far as Mr. Trump is concerned, it's how he sounds, how he appears, rather than facts or truth, that actually matters.

C: Mika, who knows what's really true? That's why Mr. Trump has taken the bold new stance of putting aside all information & fact entirely, & simply relying on the words that emerge from his mouth. They are the truth as far as Mr. Trump is concerned.

B: So you are saying that the reason that Trump has been found to lie in every third sentence is because he is actively trying to reject knowledge? To evade facts entirely?

C: It's not evasion, Mika. It's the creation of a fantastic new reality, a Trump reality, where 70 years of gluttonous self-serving is actually a way of showing people an exciting new way of living; where ignorance of the Constitution, Foreign & Domestic policy, or even grade school civics is actually evidence of a pristine open mind. Where $2 billion in debt & six bankruptcies are evidence of success! And where Putin isn't Trump's Stalinesque totalitarian model & latest controlling lender, but our happy, warm new friend. Freed from the slavery of "fact" (CONWAY makes air quotes) --it makes a beautiful picture for America.

B: None of it is true, Kelly.

C: If all goes well, we'll soon be scanning Twitter feeds for such "truths."  And we'll be starting with yours.