Sunday, September 25, 2016

SECRET: Trump Debate Prep Plans 1


1) Always be sure to bring the briefing books on the plane so they believe that you aren’t preparing;

2) Kellyanne has reduced the foreign & domestic policy info to brief twenty word “MiniCards” that you can easily memorize;

3) You may be asked a question not on the MiniCards. Pivot to:

-General boasting: “I will be the best at this!" “They have been the worst at this!” etc. This draws attention away from your lack of knowledge;

-Change the Subject: Try to avoid the fact that you are covering for a lack of knowledge. Create rage to divert attention;

-Promise, promise, promise: Promise jobs. Promise that you will eliminate ISIS. Promise anything. Truth, fact, & follow through, as you know from long experience, are irrelevant. Media are easily fooled by this.

4) Provoke and Divert:

-You have the MiniCard phrases that, for the media, will make you sound informed.

When pressed on issues of actual depth: Provoke and divert. Attack in any way–the truth of the attack, as you know, does not matter.

Media, especially cable networks, will be drawn to the “conflict” & thereby easily duped, describing you as “surprisingly knowledgeable” “characteristically combative”, etc.

They will not realize you are covering for lack of knowledge.

5) If pressed for substance & facts in questions and followups, use the Four GoTos :

a)  GoTo1: Claim that you are “the best," regardless of topic;  your opponent “the worst;”
b)  GoTo2: Claim that you are being treated unfairly;
c)  GoTo3: Use the phrase “some people have mentioned” followed by a personal attack;
d)  GoTo4: Repeat the phrase “Believe me.”