Sunday, September 25, 2016

THIS WEEK: Trump and Conway on Slavery

Washington, DC

Stephanopoulos: So, if I understand you, Ms. Conway, Trump is saying that slavery wasn't so bad.

Conway: Look at the facts, George. Plantations had many of the features you can find at homes across the nation, even Mr. Trump's Mar-a-lago. Large fields made for daily exercise.  Guest houses with rustic primitive features valued by many of today's finest artists. Shackles to prevent them from straying into dangerous, harmful areas. This was protection, George. Some would call it rejuvenating, with many of the simple, pastoral amenities of a Jackson Hole.

S: You aren't seriously saying that Trump compares slavery to a luxury spa?

C: Mr. Trump is an expert on luxury spas, George, & has established them across the world. Singapore. Saudi Arabia. Congo. The Sudan. Why, I understand that he is in talks now with Joseph Kony to create a new resort for Mr. Kony's troops & his guests. Why shouldn't everyone be able to have the same treatment?

S: The problem is that Mr. Trump is saying that African-Americans had better conditions when they were slaves--without freedom. What does that say about how he would treat African Americans if he was elected?

C: Freedom is overrated, George. Mr. Trump was just speaking with Mr. Putin. They both agreed that what matters is safety & strength, & someone to provide it. In fact, they're talking about creating those conditions together, to protect all Americans from the dangers of such freedom. We really don't think enough about that, George.

Mr. Trump knows that if they respect & praise him, he can treat them well in return. And isn't that what all people, all Americans really want?

S: Americans want freedom, KellyAnne. America is based upon the promise of that freedom.

C: Mr. Trump promises them so much more--borders that have walls; streets that are patrolled from dawn 'til dusk to keep them free from disruption. Sometimes, George, it takes a chain to set people free.

S (pauses): We'll be right back.