Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Debate 1


Ignorant--even of basic facts.

Temperamentally unable to stay calm, truthful, anything but out of control for more than five minutes--interrupting the moderator and the candidate constantly, unable to stay on topic for more than a few seconds, constantly turning to wild irrelevancies, falsehoods, and diversions throughout;

Keeping to his Politifact ratio of a falsehood every three sentences.

Admitting to paying no taxes, to stiffing thousands of hard working laborers, workers, employees.

Trump showed himself as the chaotic, impulsive, unscrupulous, easily triggered to rage candidate that we knew him to be.

An angry, uncontrolled, uninformed, remarkably thin-skinned, impulsive, entirely self-absorbed child--the narcissist parle de resistance.

He cannot change this. He would be this way in office--with the nuclear codes at hand.

He showed the truth:

He is temperamentally entirely unfit and fundamentally dangerous to be President of the United States.