Saturday, September 06, 2008

What Are The Duties of The Mayor of Wasilla?

Given that Sarah Palin has been Governor of Alaska for less time than John McCain has been running for President, and that, given McCain's age, she could well become President, it is important that we look at the duties that she had in her major position in government--Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Here, direct from the City of Wasilla, are the entire duties of the Mayor of Wasilla (population 9,700). These are the complete duties, as listed by the city:

The duties of the Mayor of Wasilla can be found in Wasilla Municipal Code 2.16. For your convience, the duties are outlined below from WMC 2.16:

Chapter 2.16 MAYOR

2.16.020 Power and duties of mayor.

A. The mayor is the chief administrator of the city, has the same powers and duties as those of a manager under AS 29.20.005, and shall:

1. Preside at council meetings. The mayor may take part in the discussion of matters before the council, but may not vote, except that the mayor may vote in the case of a tie;

2. Act as ceremonial head of the city;

3. Sign documents on behalf of the city;

4. Appoint, suspend or remove city employees and administrative officials, except as provided otherwise in AS Title 29 and the Wasilla Municipal Code;

5. Supervise the enforcement of city law and carry out the directives of the city council;

6. Prepare and submit an annual budget and capital improvement program for consideration by the council, and execute the budget and capital program as adopted;

7. Make monthly financial reports and other reports on city finances and operations as required by the council;

8. Exercise legal custody over all real and personal property of the city;

9. Perform other duties required by law or by the council; and

10. Serve as personnel officer, unless the council authorizes the mayor to appoint a personnel officer.

B. The mayor may appoint a person to the position of administrative assistant and deputy administrator. If appointed, the positions may not be eliminated during the mayor’s term of office without prior consent of the mayor. (Prior code § 2.16.010)