Monday, September 22, 2008

Palin: The Soft Preparedness of Lowered Expectations

In all seriousness, expect the following from Palin's "meetings" with leaders on Tuesday and Wednesday:

A series of serious-sounding quotes, direct from her days of preparation, that cannot possibly indicate her actual knowledge on the issues, data and risks facing each and with regard to each nation. Quotes, not knowledge, happen in days.

A bevy of positive statements from each leader--after all, that's why they were chosen--all being nations seeking U.S. favor, and having nothing to lose and potentially much to gain by doing so.

A rush of "surprised" reactions from media at "how seriously she was taken."

An attempt by the McCain camp to drive through her supposed preparedness as a result, as quickly as possible, before the debates.

Still no in-depth, free-form, extensive challenging interviews from this prospective President.

Don't buy it.

Remember: A few days ago, she was ready to invade Russia (which she could see from her border).

A series of rehearsed quotes does not a President make.