Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Proposed Commercial

(Fade into B & W picture of Sarah Palin: Audio begins with opening powerful chords of "Won't Get Fooled Again [if can get rights]--striking, new, suggests a new tone and powerful, straightforward message. Independent/Centrists/moderate Republicans will also know as theme from CSI-creates identification, underlying comfort. Song continues underneath.)

VO: Sarah Palin is not running for President.

(Fade out on pic of Palin. Fade into B & W pic of John McCain)

VO: John McCain is running for President.

VO: McCain claims he is for the common American (Color pic of average American men and women--five standing left to right, looking at the camera--evokes vulnerability, frustration with the past, identification, fiscal need)

VO: He owns 10 homes (Quick cuts: B & W pic of the 10 homes, POV preferably from above).

VO: He wants to keep Bush's tax cuts on the rich (B & W picture of Bush)

VO: "Rich", by the way, for McCain is 5 million dollars and over. *They* get the break. You pay. (Pic moves to split screen--same B & W pic of Bush on L, B & W pic of McCain on R).

VO: McCain has voted against funding for veterans, against funding for children's health, he has a zero record on women's choice. (Quick color pics of tired, worn veteran; children standing together looking up, working woman).

VO: In 1993, McCain promised that he would cut taxes. (B & W pic of McCain behind rostrum, making promise)

VO: Now, compared to Barack Obama, he wants to raise them. On you. (Color pic of middle class man and woman, POV looking straight at the camera).

VO: (B & W pic of McCain and Bush together, arms linked if can be found). Vote with knowledge. Vote with the facts. Remember the last 8 years. Don't get fooled again (Final resonant, powerful chords of "Won't Get Fooled Again").