Monday, September 08, 2008

Father-Daughter Evocations of Emotion--As Compared to Four Years of A Drastic Reality

Palin's addition to the campaign evokes the feelings--most often without the viewer even realizing it--of a daughter standing up for her elderly father, or grandfather. It gives rise to the emotions related to such a situation.

We are often controlled by emotions that we do not even realize are evoked by a situation--often incorrectly.

So realize:

Palin is not McCain's daughter. If McCain wins, she will not be in such a role.

Instead, utterly unprepared for the demands of the office--for foreign policy that she has never experienced, for economic demands that current are sweeping over the nation--she will be one step away from the Presidency, with the President an elderly and chronically ill man--the oldest who would ever take office.

We have been swept away by emotion before: "Bring it on!"

We have seen the reality that it has brought us.

Think. Think of what we will be living with. Think past the emotions of the moment. Then decide.

The role of a daughter does not require foreign policyShe will be one step from Presidency