Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin Announces Palin/McCain Ticket: Ambition, Inexperience First

From ABC News:


Gov. Sarah Palin is now talking about "a Palin and McCain administration."

Hilarious if it wasn't so frightening. The kind of slip made by a very young person whose ambitious fantasies all-too-easily break through her manifest inability to think before talking.

Incidentally, this has been her MO all along. From the New Yorker:

Palin’s record as the mayor of Wasilla, a town forty miles north of Anchorage, told a somewhat different story. According to “Sarah,” a biography by Kaylene Johnson, Palin had got into politics after she befriended the man who was then mayor and his police chief at a step-aerobics class. She made them her allies and ran for City Council. Then she challenged them for control of City Hall, and drove them out. As she purged her former friends and patrons, she denounced them as “good ol’ boys,” although her takeover of Wasilla had been aided from the start by Alaska’s Republican Party establishment.

Impulsive, inexperienced, unreflective, and ambitious--a dangerous combination at a time when wisdom, knowledge and reflectiveness are truly a necessity.