Friday, December 30, 2016

Trump and Russia: A Very, Very Unusual Relationship

Donald Trump has not taken a single intelligence briefing since his election, unlike every other modern President-Elect.
The members of the Senate have been given intelligence briefings on Russia’s actions in hacking US computers. 99 of 100 Senators, on the basis of this intelligence, believe, like the CIA, FBI, DIA, and NSA, that Russia hacked into United States computer systems in order to attempt to influence the election.
Donald Trump, who has blocked all attempts to inform him of intelligence that Russia invaded US computer systems, has stated that he does not believe that Russia hacked into the United States and that we “all should move on.”
His son, Donald Jr., earlier this year stated that most of their current profits are made from Russia. Trump’s attempts to profit from Russia began with visits to oligarchs beginning in 1997.
We do not know what debts Trump may owe to Russia, or to Russian oligarchs who are controlled by Putin, as Trump has refused to answer this question.
Despite his many changes on countless positions, Trump has consistently supported Putin and Russia, has denied that Russia entered Ukraine or Crimea, and has continued to support this hostile nation even after 17 US Intelligence Agencies found that Russia had hacked into our computer systems in an attempt to influence the election.