Friday, December 30, 2016

Do Not Allow Yourself To Fear Your Government

This is a time when you may have noticed yourself having certain momentary thoughts that you would never have had before the election.
“Maybe I shouldn’t type this.”
“Maybe I could get in trouble.”
Just a millisecond.
These moments represent the first cracks in a free system.
They represent the inner immigration of freedom and empowerment–to express one’s voice, one’s beliefs, one’s passion, creativity, wish for the free expression of self and others–under the perception of a previously non-existant fear.
A fear of government response.
To the free expression of your beliefs in a democracy.
This is how a democracy gradually becomes an autocracy.
Through the gradual impress and perception of fear.
Fear of expressing your own ideas–freely given, empowered to expression on this Earth.
Listen now:
-You must notice when this happens.
-You must determine now that you will not allow yourself to become one silenced voice in the empowered, creative, free humanity that together makes up our democracy.
-Say what you believe. Take joy in the expression. Bring yourself, your energy, creativity, empowerment to the world.
This is a chaotic group of people who did not expect to win, know little, and therefore hope to cover the massive gaps in their knowledge through an imposed fear.
As they know so little, they do not want truth to be heard.
This approach is very vulnerable to the strong, empowered voice, speaking truth and freedom.
You–your ideas, creativity, energy, empowerment, action, voice–are strong.
Together, let’s ensure that they remain so, each day of our lives, even if some accidental narcissists may stumble into buildings for awhile.