Friday, July 29, 2016

Trump's Speech vs. Clinton's Speech

-Trump's speech was a single, thin-skinned, sour, bitter boiled potato, hastily served on an undistinguished restaurant supply plate made at lowest cost in Bangladesh. The potato wobbles unsteadily on the plate as it is recklessly slammed on the table before you.

-The restaurant is a lonely diner dolled up with neon signs that have been long untended, the lights of letters blinking or completely out. It is nearly empty.

-Your waiter is Scott Baio.

-Clinton's speech was a rich beef stew, not a fancy ratatouille, but remarkable for the amount of careful planned work in cutting the vegetables just right, in their intelligent, well-planned choice, comprehensiveness, and balance, all you need to have an excellent meal, prepared with experience and care.

-It is served in an exceptionally well-planned, well-designed restaurant filled with people who come regularly as they enjoy its quality, extremely diverse and well-prepared menu, and consistency over the years.

-Your waitress is Katy Perry, and she sings to herself with happiness as she walks away from the table after delivering your food--she is content, and will be for a long while.