Sunday, November 11, 2012

Petraeus and the Blossoming of Hopeful Conservative Delusions

Many on the Right must be comforted by the recent news about Gen. Petraeus.

Their flow of factless, delusional conspiracy theories staunched for a moment by Obama's victory, they saw a spark--and leapt to grasp a straw that would allow them to continue their baseline state of paranoia.

So let's see:

Broadwell had an affair with Petraeus.

Neither of them deny this.

The FBI discovered this when investigating a harassment complaint by a third woman.

She does not deny this.

They do not deny this.

She stated that an anonymous woman was harassing her regarding Petraeus.

The FBI investigated this and found that the messages came from Broadwell.

For Broadwell to have known of this third woman, she would have had to have access to Petraeus's private email account.

Concerned that his account had been compromised, The FBI investigated the account--and found that Petraeus and Broadwell had been having an affair.

Neither Petraeus, nor Broadwell, nor the third woman involved, nor the FBI deny this. Any of this.


For your frenzied, blossoming, hopeful conspiracy theories to be true, Broadwell, Petraeus, the CIA, the FBI, the third woman and the Administration would all have to be in--"all in", to coin a phrase--on the "conspiracy"

No one--neither Petraeus, nor the Administration--has stated that Petraeus will not testify regarding Benghazi--indeed, in addition to his replacement, he likely will, as stated this morning.

It's a holiday. Rest your minds from constructing barely connected narratives filled with delusions