Sunday, November 18, 2012

McCain's Post-Electoral Stress Disorder, Part 2: Buddies

Lindsay Graham is obviously standing by his friend John McCain's burning, aroused, unsatisfied quest for the electoral vengeance of 2008 that he has longed for, and that has burst into a Post- Electoral Stress Disorder, where he seeks--headlong, enraged--to take his nemesis down, Watergate-style.

Graham neatly parsed where he draws the line this morning on 'Meet The Press'--coming out fully in support of his colleague, if with a backdrop of a degree of fearful reluctance as to where dipping his pen in this particular ink might lead, but ultimately coming down with his obviously enraged friend. Some have also suggested that Graham is supporting McCain on this issue to make use of it in his campaign for reelection in 2014.

One can imagine--and in the recent audio of McCain with a producer questioning him about missing a Presidential Benghazi briefing in order to make complaints about not having sufficient information abut Benghazi , one can get a taste of the rage and desire for revenge on McCain's part, one that he has nurtured with persistence over the past four years but now appears to have more uncontrollably erupted.

Lieberman has, in his Rabbinical style, carefully stepped away from this explosion, stating "I respectfully separate myself from my two amigos."

This loss--in a way, McCain's final loss of the 2008 election--is, naturally much to bear.  Let's hope that in the coming days, he allows this to ease into his usual grace, charm, and intellect.