Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Work of Better Angels

Last night, from my home, I could hear the horns.

Our better angels have won out over our fears.

Now, the work--for each one of us, as well as for the Obama Administration begins.

I woke this morning with a surprising relief and with a full heart unlike any I had experienced.

Awake with the knowledge that intelligence now occupies the White House--rather than a fear of and defensive hostility towards intellect. That one who can both confidently wield and appreciate the breadth, sharpness and diversity of intellect--it's strengths, options, and kindnesses, its new inclusivities and potentially new solutions--now will rest in our nations leadership.

Awake with the awareness that an ability and desire to be open to the diverse perspectives around him will now characterize the Presidency--rather than one so completely and so early formed around narrow perspectives that he was not even aware of this narrow range.

Regarding the nation as safer--in the hands of one who will exercise judgment, based on careful and full consideration, rather than gut feeling; informed by knowledge that is unafraid to listen to and is able to weigh the expertise of others, rather than fearing information from anyone but a self-confirming circle; and not driven by the hostile and often overwhelming self-interest that characterized the previous Administration.

Relieved that we are now led by one who is primarily oriented towards the future and consensus, and towards the national good, rather than being directed primarily by an underlying hostility and division that shot through any efforts to fully consider the national good.

This is a time when you can recognize your opportunity for individual change and new decisions.

The weight of a dark time--produced by the knowledge that we were led by those who defended against intellect, regarding it with suspicion; who acted upon their own agenda, often against the will of the public, with a determined and past-driven ideology that was at times implemented by misleading the public they were elected to serve, that was more interested in self and justification rather than unification--has lifted.

Today is a day for relief, for joy at possibility, and for recognition that we should not allow ourselves to get lost in the weeds of trivia and small vengeances in weeks and months ahead.

With a clear vision, and a commitment to what is best in us, which many of us feel today--it is time to go to work.