Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pay No Attention To The Mudslingers Behind The Firewall

If you look at the "Comments" sections of articles in many major newspapers today, it looks as if the dark specters of every conspiracy theory have burst forth, like dying souls from the rapidly firming ground, in a last eruption of flailing desperation.

At each moment, wild minds are frantically shooting mud at a wall to see if anything can stick. This is what we call "conservative political thinking" at the end of a campaign circa 2008.

These so-called principled leaders, so willing to call--shocked, shocked!-- for notions of civil behavior when they are questioned, are now engaged in a rapid-fire, panic-and-rage fueled mudfest, that only matches in hysteria the willingness to propel any notion, no matter how far-fetched or borderline delusional, into the torrent of mire that they hope, in their primary tactic of democratic process, might clouds the eyes.

Pay no attention to projectile sludge casters behind the firewall.

Let's end this vicious distortion of and distraction from our nation's needs.

Let's put this kind of politics to rest--with their final adolescent caterwailing a reminder of what has preceded us.

And let's get to work on building and rebuilding tomorrow.