Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Look at this image. What do you see?

Bill looking on with concern--and evaluation. And in Hillary: Relief.

If you heard her speech last night--before the final Gary, IN results were in and it looked like a loss--you saw a woman freed. Freed of pretense. Freed of pressure and demand. Open and engaged in the idea of helping the nation.

You've seen me write before about a woman who was suffering and striving to prove under her father's evaluation and demand. You've seen this in other seminal works--how Hillary can seem freed when not under the pressure of proving, performing.

I believe we saw this last night. I'd vote for that woman. However, not, paradoxically, for the woman who would win--who would then feel forced into the persona that she lives in when she feels that she must prove and perform--the one separated from the relieved and undiminished self.

Indiana turned, and now her valedictory moment has, for the moment, passed, leading to a quasi-reversion to campaign mode.

However, without doubt: A remarkable photograph.

h/t: L.A. Times "Top of the Ticket"
Photo Credit: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images